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Top 10 Operational Benefits of Cloud Computing

Top 10 Operational Benefits of Cloud Computing

Top 10 Operational Benefits of Cloud Computing

“Cloud Computing is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.”

-Paul Maritz

Cloud computing offers an array of options to its users as compared to the traditional servers. The use of cloud computing has sky rocketed and is now considered the way of the future, and not without a reason. Apart from increasing efficiency, cloud computing contributes significantly in business operations, making its use, ideal. Information that would have taken time to be processed is readily available in a matter of minutes to those organisations that adopt this practice, adding efficiency to their operations and providing them with a competitive edge. Cloud computing provides businesses with the luxury of going virtual, storing and accessing their data over the internet, freeing them from physical limitations. Some of the major benefits of cloud computing include:

Business Versatility and Agility

Cloud computing offers versatility, especially for businesses that are looking to expand. Companies that require greater bandwidth to maintain superior functioning can easily achieve so by switching to cloud computing. In fact, using the resources being offered by cloud computing in a timely fashion offers agility as results are being delivered faster.

Increases collaboration & Productivity

Cloud computing allows its user the luxury of using collaborative platforms. Making use of cloud applications promote sharing and collaboration, as it enables team edit files in real time and access. Hence enabling individuals to work independently while being linked, adding to an increase in productivity.

Data Recuperation

Companies that make use of local servers, tend to have many recovery plans if a disaster strikes. On the other hand, companies that use cloud computing do not require recovery plans as the cloud service provider takes care of such issues, efficiently and timely. 

Automatic Upgrades

Local servers are subjected to maintenance and security costs, alone. Companies have to invest a greater amount of their capital in simply ensuring that their server remains functioning. Cloud computing service provider is in charge of updates and maintenance, freeing businesses from such costs.

24 Hour Operations

Cloud computing provides its users with the luxury of 24-hour functioning which increases its accessibility. Workers are no longer bound to office hours to access their file of interest and hence can work whenever they want.

Superior Document Control

Cloud computing allows its user to access a higher sense of control over their files and documents. Employees in companies that do not use cloud computing have to constantly send their files back and forth via email, also making modifications limited to one person at a time. On cloud computing, individual documents can be permitted to be accessed, edited and modified as per requirements.

Capital Expenditure-Free

Unlike local servers, cloud computing eliminates the costs of a system hardware. Cloud computing service provider implement the use of a “pay-as-you-go” model. Therefore, businesses only have to pay the cost of setup which they need.


Cloud computing uses the internet as its base network, making it intangible and free from physical threats. Additionally, losing computers and laptops along with the sensitive data present in them is a worry for local servers. With data stored in the cloud, accessibility comes easy.

“Cloud computing is often far more secure than traditional computing, because companies like Google and Amazon can attract and retain cybersecurity personnel of a higher quality than many governmental agencies.”                 

       -Vivek Kundra, Former Federal CIO of USA

Easier Implementation

Migrating from a local server to a cloud server is seemingly a difficult task. However, it is easier to implement than other systems and provides a lot of advantages to its users. Making cloud computing a fruitful investment for any business.

Waste Management

Cloud computing eliminates the need for a physical server, as a result, companies can downsize their data centres. Fewer servers require fewer resources and hence reduce carbon footprint.

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