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Maximize Your Company’s Future Market Leadership

Maximize Your Company’s Future Market Leadership.

Written by James Staten Vice president & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research exclusively for the  Nelson Hilliard Innovation Tech Shows with David Linthicum.

Thanks for joining us for the new Innovation Tech Show. On this program we will provide you with details on how the leading market innovations are leveraging technology chains, including cloud services and emerging techs, to craft net-new values for your clients. Your innovation focus should definitely start with digging into your customer’s desires and market needs and how you can help them overcome blockers to achieving these, and that broaden your value in helping them accomplish their goals.

Source: Forrester Report: Innovate Your Business Model

The leading enterprises and government agencies are ensuring their innovations align to their overall mission as well, expanding their ability to achieve these goals and prove to their customers (and citizens) that they made the right choice in selecting them as their critical partners.

What I will be bringing to this great show are the insights we, at Forrester, gain through our engagement with thousands of enterprises, tech vendors and government agencies across the globe. My team’s focus is on helping them drive tech-empowered innovations and helping CIOs shift the focus and perception of their teams from the trusted managers of traditional tech to the agents of change and emerging tech empowerment. If this aligns with your needs, please reach out to me as I would love to help ensure your company becomes and stays a market leader through 2025.

 I’ve been with Forrester since 2007 when I first pioneered our coverage of a new disruptive innovation started by Amazon.com, called Amazon Web Services. Forrester was the first and most extensive analyst firm covering cloud computing and helped lead to its current market dominance. To help Microsoft grow its market leadership, the company recruited me away from Forrester to be their Chief Strategist and help them make the shift that Satya has been driving since he became CEO – shift from a market fast-follower to a market leader via innovations. My team helped Microsoft recognize that its customers needed them to raise Linux and Java to equal importance to Windows and .NET. We also helped the company be the first vendor to bring blockchain onto its cloud to empower a tremendous number of innovations by a broad set of enterprise, finance and government clients.


It was this focus on market leadership innovation that brought me back to Forrester where I could return to vendor neutrality and help a broader set of companies drive massive market and life improvements for earthlings everywhere.


And this is another reason I was super excited to partner with Brad from Nelson Hilliard and David Linthicum from Deloitte. We’ve collaborated for several years on the cloud shows to help the global market of tech professionals embrace cloud computing rather than continue to see it as a disruptive transformation of traditional IT and tech skills. Shifting your skills, talent and focus to cloud-based services and emerging technologies is the key to driving agile, on-demand tech value enhancements. Make this your career priority so you can be an agent of change and a leader and key asset for the future.


And if you have been driving some great innovations, we’d love to hear from you and help spread the word on what you’ve accomplished through our great Innovation Tech Show.


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James Staten is the Vice president & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.
James is a cloud expert with over 20 years of experience in marketing, business development, corporate strategy, and Cloud-based Innovations.
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