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How will the future of business be affected by Cloud Computing technologies

We are moving to a time of cloud computing where big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud connectivity take over from the traditional business models. For example, rather than rent a video, you can watch the latest movies on NetFlix. Moreover, you do not need to wave down a taxi as you can hire one with ease at the click of a button with Uber.

How will these technologies within cloud computing affect the current and future business environment?

The cloud is taking up non-revenue IT Workloads

Innovative cloud-based PaaS and SaaS programs such as SalesForce and Netsuite have taken over most of the IT workload that was based on the desktops. It has enabled easier collaboration among teams and departments working on the same project.

Team collaboration

Team collaboration through cloud technologies has enabled an increase in productivity and work efficiency among the employees. Moreover, it has also enabled individual employees to save time, as they can view project changes in real-time rather than rely on emails. The common tools for team collaboration include team messaging, file sharing, notes, and division of tasks.

Open platforms

Cloud computing technologies have given rise to the development of open platforms where different services can be integrated together in the cloud for ease of communication and project development. You will find such cloud services as Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure with everything from desktop SaaS solutions, team support software, and connection to cloud-based client databases, knowledge databases, IoT data, as well as the project information on collaboration platforms such as SalesForce. The integration enables easy tracking of project progress, collaboration, and minimal duplication of efforts.


Artificial intelligence is currently being used to drive predictive analysis, especially where the company is looking for insight into consumer behavior and decision-making process. However, it is also evolving to be a tool of QoS prediction and contextual threading. It will be used for predictive search results in workstream collaboration into the future.

You need the right skills

For companies to take advantage of the new technologies in cloud computing, they have to have the right skillsets. Such skilled staff as SalesForce SaaS Developers, Project Managers, and UX developers are required to boost the company’s abilities to harness cloud capabilities as explained above. The earlier that you get the right skills into your organization, the easier it is for the business to migrate to efficient platforms.

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