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Cloud Computing – Careers, Opportunities and Pay

Cloud Computing Careers Opportunities and Pay

Cloud computing provides a definite career path with numerous employment opportunities. The scope of cloud computing has increased over the years, leading to higher demands. Hence making it ideal for individuals to pursue a career in cloud computing.

As John Gantz, author of a study sponsored by Microsoft puts it:  “A common misperception is cloud computing is a job eliminator, but in truth it will be a job creator — a major one. And job growth will occur across continents and throughout organisations of all sizes because emerging markets, small cities and small businesses have the same access to cloud benefits as large enterprises or developed nations.” Organisations are adopting practices that will lead to a superior functioning and cloud computing is on top of the list, making cloud computing an ever-expanding niche.

Global cloud IT market revenue is predicted to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 17% to reach $390 billion in 2020. The market is burgeoning for cloud computing, jobs in the cloud sector ranger from developers, architects to data monitor and scientists, having more offerings in each field. Apart from being an entirely rewarding career path, cloud professionals earn the highest salaries amount IT service providers. Additionally, cloud computing also provides its professional with an array of options to specialise in, adding excitement and opportunities into the mix. Before getting into the cloud business or expanding into the field, here is a briefing of the offering of the field:

Cloud Computing Categories:

Cloud computing offers three initial categories, each category has more sub categories and hence provide further fields to expand into.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud Computing Employment Opportunities:

Cloud computing, as mentioned above, is an ever-expanding and in demand field. It provides a range of possibilities for individuals to work in, each targeting a different aspect and require different expertise. Among the famous career options given by cloud computing are:

  • cloud software engineer
  • cloud software application engineer
  • cloud architect
  • enterprise IT Architect
  • cloud consultant
  • cloud security expert
  • cloud financial managers
  • information technology Architect

Considering a Career in Cloud Computing

According to PayScale, following are the expansion opportunities along with bonuses, wages and annual salaries of some of the above-mentioned fields:

Solutions Architect

Solution architects perform an array of tasks ranging from creating, designing, and implementing their arrangements. They are trusted with building new systems and are generally aware of their companies standing. In the united states, they earn a median salary of $113,741. Additionally, their salaries range from $70,750 – $152,421 along with $2,445 – $29,453 bonuses. $73,784 – $174,126 is the total pay range as calculated on 29 Aug 2017 with 2,707 Individuals Reporting.

Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer

Cloud computing provides expansion opportunities in the field of a Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer. These engineers are full-time workers with the responsibility of overseeing the production and ongoing maintenance of website platforms. On average, they earn $90,361 per year, but their pay scale is subjected to the level of experience they hold. Salary ranges from $61,781 – $131,854 with an additional $968 – $14,944 room for bonuses. The total pay range is of $62,277 – $137,717 as reported on 28 Aug 2017 with 1,067 Individuals reporting.

Senior Systems Engineer

They are generally responsible for an array of tasks, such as managing and maintaining computer systems and tools, fixing defaults that occur within the system and monitoring tasks. They are trusted with creating tools that can automate tasks, they earn an average of $97,233 per year. Their salary ranges from $70,199 – $136,303 with an additional $1,000 – $21,156 in bonuses.

Information Technology (IT) Architect

They play a role in managing the technological components of a business and earn an average salary of $121K. Additionally, they safeguard compliance with existing rules and regulations, all while updating and implementing new security solutions. Their salary ranges from $81,369 – $152,165 with an additional $1,974 – $25,093 in bonuses. The total pay range is of $81,789 – $169,733 as reported on 29 Aug 2017 with 877 Individuals reporting.

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