There is an increasing level of tremendous pressure to get projects delivered on time and within or below budget, all whilst providing support for your internal users, the added pressure of staffing issues can cause stress for employers.

It can be very frustrating for hiring managers when Cloud technologies are constantly evolving as market growth changes the dynamics within the business.

It has become more difficult and stressful to engage and hire the RIGHT person that CAN actually do the job, whilst maintaining company values and maximising employee potential across a growing staff base with management resources being more limited.

What’s needed to remove the headache:

  • Strategically engage with the right candidates from the top 20% who actually can do the job, whilst simultaneously excluding the bottom 80%.
  • 24/7 Inbound marketing connecting to the passive and active top 20%. (Anyone can go on job boards, LinkedIn, Social media.)
  • Lower your total overall recruitment costs
  • A defined way of removing the hiring pressure resulting in and engaging with a high-quality candidate that not only WANTS to do the job but CAN actually do the job and isn’t working just for an extra salary bump.
  • Improves your employee referral performance
  • Substantially de-risks the recruitment process
  • Improves staff turnover rates, increase loyalty and retention

I have personally put together a gift for you! I’d love for you to read, enjoy and implement these
7 easy steps to get rid of all your hiring the headaches by ONLY hiring the TOP 20% who want to do the job!!
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