CIOs Are Taking Cloud on a Case-by-Case Basis…and That’s Good

CIOs Are Taking Cloud on a Case-by-Case Basis

CIOs Are Taking Cloud on a Case-by-Case Basis…and That’s Good

Written by David Linthicum exclusively for Nelson Hilliard

A report from Gartner has found that infrastructure and operations leaders should focus on a ‘cloud-first’ strategy.    However, do this on an application by application basis.

What means to me, is encouraging.    This means that we always consider the use of cloud computing, but also consider the business case, business requirements, and purpose of the application. 

The problem here is the extremes.    

Those who push cloud at every problem, and will take “no cloud” for an answer.  I admire their forward-thinking view on this, but they will be wrong in many cases, the cloud is not always a fit.

Also, those that push back on cloud for equally silly reasons.   Not as many of these people around these days, but they are out there.

So, who’s right?  Neither.   As the study states, you have to take these on an application-by-application basis.  The report, called “Flipping to Digital Leadership: The 2015 CIO Agenda”, surveyed more than 2800 CIOs finding that the public cloud was an option for IT projects, but only a priority for a small minority.

This tells me that the CIOs are thinking critically about using public cloud base resources, mostly.    While a small minority will push cloud, and a small minority won’t consider cloud in a million years, most will put the use of cloud-based resource on the radar screen.   Which is healthy.

My best advise to those consider cloud computing is to learn all you can and create a pilot project to see what all the fuss is all about.    You find that cloud-based platforms are a fit sometimes, not a fit other times.    It’s a freaking platform, really, at the end the day.   But, a platform with promise.   

For the most part, CIOs have to cut through the hype with new technology shifts.   Cloud included.  I’m sure the staffers are in their offices using “cloud” 100 times in a conversation these days, either for our against.   They must learn to walk somewhere down the middle.    That where the answer typically is.

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