From speaking to many IT candidates looking for roles, they had mixed emotions and experiences when engaging with recruitment consultants, “you’re either the top of their list and they can’t stop calling or you can never get hold of them on the phone and their voicemail becomes your new friend!”

I think we all agree, it is a bullsh*t way to be treated!

We all have needs; we all have feelings, we all have financial responsibilities like rent or mortgages to pay, loved ones to care for, holidays to book, a career to build and the future to plan. We owe it to ourselves to live the best life we can, for ourselves and for our loved ones, being accountable and making better choices.
We only have one life and its up to us, it’s up to you, and I to live the best life we can!
So here is the deal. Imagine for a moment that you are in your ideal world and you’ve now found a way to build long lasting relationships and career building opportunities with a person you trust that cares about you and wants to get you to where you want to be.
Imagine how you’ll feel when you experience having;

  • your needs identified,
  • the understanding of your quest for opportunities,
  • roles that offer workplace challenges for your career development,
  • feedback from interviews for the benefit of your own personal development
  • a recruiter treating you as a person and NOT just a viable commission for their pipeline!

Well then, welcome to Nelson Hilliard, where we value you, connecting your professional attributes and expertise with the right organisations maximising your opportunities for workplace happiness.

I’ve put together a FREE little gift of online professional Linkedin coaching for you below.

You’ll receive two Linkedin video coaching modules and a PDF workbook, covering:

    • How to get found by your audience using keyword rich headlines
    • Creating a compelling message to attract customers, contacts, peers, and employers
    • Strategically building your network
    • How to receive recommendations and testimonials

I hope you enjoy the training and you get some benefit from it all.
Please let me know when you’ve received it and keep me posted about your journey. Remember to connect with me on Linkedin too. 🙂

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