Building Cloud Computing Knowledge to Minimalise Risk and Provide Greater ROI

Cloud computing

Cloud computing

The market is shifting focus towards an expanding view of customer experiences. Cloud computing is playing a pivotal role in the expanded view of customer experiences as well as the push for a more innovative solution that makes life not only easier but exciting.

Cloud computing technologies such as IoT and AI bring new opportunities that are enabled by Smart Things. It is now easier to fuse processes and devices to enable smart resource management, improve employee productivity, enhanced customer experience, and the supply chain integration. These technologies also bring about new revenue streams, enable efficient operations, and connect the consumer to the service provider.

By building cloud computing knowledge, companies can minimalise most of the business risks associated with the use of the technology and provide greater ROI.

Here are most common technology related vulnerabilities

From the organization

  • Malicious intent when accessing and manipulating data
  • Identity theft
  • Sabotage


  • Insecure cloud interface creating information leaks
  • Concerns about the privacy of data

Application side

  • Insecure device interfaces
  • Insecure web interfaces
  • Insufficient authentication procedures


  • Insecure Network Systems
  • Insufficient encryption of data as it moves on the network

Building cloud computing knowledge helps lower these risks in a number of ways

  • There are dedicated staff members for the management of the cloud resources. These employees should have the right skills to handle possible challenges.
  • There are tools to enhance the security of the cloud computing technologies
  • There are robust predictive tools to pre-empt possible attacks on the systems

Building cloud-computing knowledge to provide greater ROI

The ROI can be increased by lowering the cost of doing business, increasing efficiency and improving the quality of the output. Companies can enhance these possibilities by developing intelligent interactions, putting in place reliable analytics tools and enabling better visualisation of the results.

The learning process does not end with the installation of right technologies and initial training. Companies must constantly look for avenues to open up new opportunities, improve productivity and resource management, and enable supply chain integration.

Building cloud computing knowledge starts with hiring the right teams and acquiring the right skills along the way. Businesses should put in place the right hiring methodologies as well as a plan to have the IT teams regularly trained on the emerging dynamics of the cloud computing technologies. Moreover, there should be concerted efforts to create a pool of knowledge within the organisation that can be used to help solve IT challenges that come on the way.

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