Building a Cloud Organization

Building a Cloud Organization

Building a “Cloud Organization”

Written by David Linthicum exclusively for Nelson Hilliard

Many enterprises planning a move to cloud-based systems believe there must be a huge disruptive change in the IT organization as well. I blame this mostly on the ongoing press coverage that calls for “The end of IT as we know IT,” or other silly things that won’t happen.

Anytime the analysts or press project absolutes, the predictions never seem to pan out. In the world of IT, we evolve. We don’t suddenly shift.

Right now we’re about 5 years into this cloud thing, and the huge disruptive changes in the IT organizations have not occurred. Of course, most organizations have not made enough progress with cloud-based technology to really call it a systemic change.

Whenever there is a fundamental change in the technology we leverage, organizations must adapt around that change. We’ve seen many instances of this in the past, such as the PC movement in the 80s, the movement to the Web in the 90s, and the movement to complex Internet-delivered and distributed systems, such as cloud computing.

IT organizations are always evolving; indeed, change is a constant. The arrival and deployment of cloud computing only drives yet another change which will evolve over time, and we’re about 30 percent into this latest change process.

So, the arrival of cloud computing within most enterprises will drive some gradual changes over a long period of time. Operations, for example, will become more complex as those who used to operate data centers begin to include public cloud resources on their management consoles. More and more employees bring their own devices to work, and enterprise IT must figure out a way to make them both useful and secure. IT is learning to change quickly around shifts in business, using public clouds as substitutes for massive hardware and software buys. It’s not rocket science, what will occur in the short- and long-term.

So, there is no “cloud organization.” Cloud computing is yet another shift that IT will morph around to leverage over time. IT of today will look very much like IT in 5 years.

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