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5 IoT trends that will define 2018

5 Internet of Things IoT trends to define 2018

For years, the internet of things has managed to shape our lives for the better and the year 2018 will be no different. There is a major impact of IoT on daily operations and specialists suggest there is a lot more still yet to come. According to a market analysis by Boston Consulting Group, IoT market is set to reach $267 billion by 2020. The internet of things has enabled every device to virtually connect with other devices, creating an ever-expanding pool of technology. The impact of this virtualisation has not gone unnoticed in the industrial sector either, as energy, safety, water, and transportation are being more efficiently managed. The internet of things has given way to a technological change, adoption of IoT friendly devices and IoT based solutions in businesses has become a common practice. While greater impacts of IoT are still yet to come, it is safe to assume that some of these trends will continue to define us for decades to come. Following are some of the incredible IoT based trends that will make their way into 2018:

The Age of Accessibility

The internet of things enabled devices to connect to one another and hence is continuously adding to their growth. Apart from creating a near-infinite pool of devices, IoT has made its contributions known in terms of accessibility. Communication is a commodity service that is now virtually free. With high-bandwidth and low costs, individuals can communicate with anyone across the globe. Getting access to information that would have been difficult otherwise, is just the tip of the iceberg. Data about any topic or field is readily available and is free for the taking, providing users with terabytes of information at their fingertips.

Virtual Control

Currently, many business practices rely on hand conveyed information about organisation operations, making management difficult. The internet of things will enable its users to experience a greater sense of control over their environment. Businesses when using IoT based devices will be able to better supervise their operations, efficiently manage their inventory and be constantly aware of their operations. Apart from businesses, consumers will also be able to exercise greater control over their lives. IoT based alarm systems and cameras are just the initial inventions that aim to provide this objective.

Waste Management

The internet of things has enabled resources to be better allocated and hence contributed to waste management. A more drastic impact of IoT will be observed over the coming year as monitoring pollution and research regarding its reduction reaches new heights. Monitoring ensures quality control and data integrated into the system serves as the foundation of policies that reduce waste.


With the internet of things, learning has become a dynamic luxury nearly everyone can afford. Online classrooms and discussions have given students the opportunity to explore their horizons. Additionally, it is also contributing to lessening the illiteracy rate, as more people will be able to learn at their homes. A substantial impact of online education will be observed over the years, as this practice continues. In institutions, it is cutting down running and management costs for management while helping students with automation and smart learning. In 2015, Capterra announced that 73% of  US teenagers had smartphone access and 69% of students want to use their mobile devices more in classrooms for performing tasks such as note taking, schedule checking, and performing research.


The birth of big data is credited to The internet of things and is one of the primary research tools used by the medical analyst in doing research. On a daily basis, more and more patients switch to big data-driven solutions as The internet of things reshapes and restructures how individuals view and access their health care services. In terms of prescriptions, exercise routines, alerts, and diagnosis, IoT has played an important part and will continue to do so over the years.

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