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3 Cloud Computing Issues that Scare Me to Death

3 Cloud Computing Issues that Scare Me to Death

3 Cloud Computing Issues that Scare Me to Death

Written by David Linthicum for Nelson Hilliard

Why not much scares me this time of year, there are some things going on in the world of cloud computing that put the fear in me.   Here are three of them.

First, the lack of security planning that occurs within cloud deployments.  You would think that security is on the top of the minds of those deploying systems on public clouds, but I’m finding that very much like internal deployment security is an afterthought.      

Security, when dealing with public clouds, is really a matter of understanding the type of data that will be stored there, and how the data will move into and out of the cloud.    Once that has been modelled, selecting the right security technology and approaches is relatively easy.  Within the cloud deployments that I see, there is either too much or two little security.    

Second, lack of service governance when dealing with large amounts of distributed cloud services.  When you’re managing hundreds of services, they quickly get away from you in terms of who’s consuming the services from public clouds, including how they are being combined into working systems.  Lacking a good service governance approach and technology, you’ll find you’re crushed quickly under the weight of managing these services.

Finally, lack of an understanding of the performance issues that should be taken into account when deploying on public clouds.  The design on a cloud system has a lot to do with how it will perform when in production.  While clouds are very good, and fast, when asked to process within the clouds, talking to other clouds or internal enterprise systems is still problematic and can kill your cloud migration project.   You just need to model and understand the issues up front, and work around them.

While indeed scary issues, these are all very fixable.  I suspect that most of these issues are just a part of the learning process, in moving to cloud computing.  Sometimes you have to let people touch the hot stove. 

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